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Procurement of Electronic Components
XRD has rich experience in purchasing components, and has a 10-year cooperative relationship with many brand suppliers. The company gives full play to its competitive advantages in scale procurement and quality control, and has signed long-term cooperation agreements with many electronic component manufacturers at home and abroad and around the world to ensure the quality and stable supply of raw materials and transfer the preferential treatment to customers.
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Xinrenda has rich experience in component purchasing and has 10 years of cooperation with many brand suppliers. The company fully takes advantage of the competitive advantage in scale procurement and quality control, and signs long-term cooperation agreements with many electronic component manufacturers at home and abroad and around the world to ensure the quality and stable supply of raw materials, transfer preferential policies to customers, and maintain the purchasing advantages of IC, resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode and other components for a long time, and ensure the quality of PCBA manufacturing from upstream. On the other hand, it can greatly save the customer's inventory cost, improve the turnover efficiency of production and save time. We choose top-level raw material suppliers, resistance capacitance and housheng, Fenghua, Samsung, Guoju and other famous manufacturers for a long time. IC type has established good cooperation relationship with Ti, NXP, CJ, Toshiba, Fairchild, etc., and the quality and supply cycle can be guaranteed and the price has been obtained. It can help customers save the cost of raw materials and reduce the risk of customer procurement to the greatest extent.

Our purchasing capability

In the process of PCBA electronic products manufacturing, material control is particularly important, which directly determines the potential risk of the whole process and avoids the cost of mass rework. XinRenDa electronics has a special material testing post to check the customer's BOM in detail, and test the selected materials with multimeter, test rack and other tools to ensure 100% pass. The shape, oxidation degree, brand-new and other key links of the imported materials are also included in the inspection scope. The post staff will countersign the inspection documents conforming to ISO standards to ensure the traceability of the problems. Materials purchased by customers will be transferred to the designated location of the warehouse, and strict material control process will be carried out, mainly including warehousing, verification, sampling, turnover, registration and other links. The storage environment of materials strictly conforms to the electronic assembly standard to avoid the negative effects such as humidity, dust, pollution and static electricity. Before the material goes online, we will carefully check the name and model of the material again to ensure the accuracy of Feida's feeding process and complete the material control process in the PCBA manufacturing process.

Quality control of components purchasing

1. IQC incoming inspection was carried out for electronic components, and large sample sampling was carried out through appearance screen printing and power on value detection

2. Select and eliminate unqualified suppliers regularly to ensure the stable output of components purchasing channel

3. Based on the enterprise ERP system for material procurement process control, maximize the degree of risk reduction

Component procurement cycle

For sample drawing orders, the purchasing cycle of electronic components is usually spot, and can be prepared within 3-5 days; for batch orders, it is necessary to confirm the same level agent by item according to the customer's BOM list. Generally, the shortest delivery period is 3 days and the maximum can reach 8 weeks. Therefore, it is suggested that the customer electronic engineer should communicate with the PCBA production and manufacturing supplier to select the materials with large market inventory capacity.

Purchase price of components

Based on the scale effect of purchasing, we can effectively control the purchase price of components for customers, which is about 3% ~ 10% less than that of customers in the market.