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Senior layout design team

More than 10 years of professional design experience, from design to manufacturing to provide solutions. The best design = design quality + cost control + debugging convenience.

High difficulty design experience
Good at high frequency, high speed, high density, mixed digital and analog, high power, high current, RF, ate, hard and soft board, high speed backplane, etc; 2000 + PCB design experience every year.

Rich technical resources
Chip companies cooperate in the early stage, accumulate forward-looking technology, synchronize cutting-edge technology, master the most advanced technical information, and fully consider EMI, EMC and manufacturability design.

High quality management system
Standardized design management system, strict inspection, level by level, do not let go of any mistakes and details, to ensure that the failure rate is zero, 1000 + customers account monument accumulation.

High standard security measures
High standard confidentiality measures, signed a confidentiality agreement, the company's designer computer fully encrypted, the export of documents need to be fully approved, to ensure that the documents are 100% confidential.