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Guarantee of high quality raw materials

FR4 raw materials all use Jiantao, Shengyi military grade a plate. Imported ink ensures clear solder resist printing and full color.

Quality management system certification

The factory has complete ISO9001, ISO14001, iso16949, ISO13485, UL and other quality management system certification, products meet ROHS environmental protection requirements.

Wide product coverage

Products cover consumer electronics, military, medical equipment, industrial control equipment, automobile manufacturing and other fields. Professional mass production of all kinds of high difficulty, high precision density circuit board.

Fast delivery

Design + production one-stop service, seamless docking, greatly shorten the customer R & D cycle. Sample double-sided board 24 hours delivery, 4-layer board 48 hours delivery.

Front end technical guidance

Our company has a senior design team, which can provide front-end technical guidance, review and reference suggestions for customers' design, so as to avoid the risk of design errors.